Life is like a Lava Lamp

Experiences are not illusions. In Reality they are the the way, the truth and the life of discovering the eternal joy of the Absolute. In other words your experience is another way in life to discovering The Life.
Peace and Joy is the Nature of the Life. However you can experience peace and joy on a roller coaster ride or walking by a slow moving river. There is a Pure Consciousness or Spirit… which we are…and then there is pure Consciousness in experience. In other words there is form and there is content. There is Body and there is Spirit.
Life is like a big lava lamp. It is constantly changing form but the content remains the same. If you want to hold on to the passing form you will be disappointed, if you seriously want to hold on to the form you will suffer. You can take a picture of it and hold it but it will not be real. However, if you want to hold on to the Content or the Nature of the lava lamp … which the intent and purpose is peace and joy… you will be satisfied.
That is to say that the lava lamp is ” like” life. It’s just another finger pointing to the moon as they say. The only way to Truly Experience Life is to Realize You are IT. And the only way to realize you are it is to experience it. Experience means to ” test out” . You have to be still and See It from every angle possible. See yourself as the center which is everywhere and the circumference which is nowhere. Take the communion and Be One with God.

Peace and Love


Author: Contruple

I am the light of the world

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